November 3, 2023 EC West

Happy November! On Halloween, we discussed the parts of a pumpkin and carved it into a Jack-O-Lantern. We then roasted the seeds and tasted them! We also did a pumpkin experiment to observe the reaction using baking soda, dish soap, and vinegar. We introduced a new sensorial unit about big and little. The triangle box was also added to our sensorial shelf to explore a variety of ways different types of triangles can make a larger triangle. Our first water work was introduced in practical life; sponge squeezing. The button dressing frame was added to continue the self-care practice. Students also had the opportunity to shuck corn kernels off the cob. We will then use the field corn to feed our animals out in nature. For movement work, we demonstrated building and walking on a balance beam and our singing bowl was a beautiful, calming work presented in our peace area.