Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

We have a wonderful record of longevity among the faculty & staff at our school as we have had very little turnover over the years.  The Montessori credentialed teaching staff is extensively trained per the requirements of the American Montessori Society and receive ongoing training and mentoring from our veteran Education Consultants.  The Montessori School of Bowling Green was the first Montessori school in Ohio to be accredited by the American Montessori Society and our faculty and staff are a credit to this.

Alex Ackerman


Alex joined MSBG in 2013 and serves as one of our custodians.

Allyson Haas

Education Aide, Toddler

Allyson joined MSBG in 2018 and serves as one of our education aides.

Alyssa Rizzo

Extended Care

Alyssa is a Freshman at BGSU also studying Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Child Development.  Alyssa participated all four years in her high school child development program, working with children ages six months to 10 years.  She has also worked at a child care center in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has a special interest in helping children who may have suffered trauma.

Amy Nalepka

Education Aide, Early Childhood

Amy is an aide in the Early Childhood West classroom. She attended Montessori School at Adrian College in 2007. She taught preschool in Michigan for five years. Amy has been an Montessori teacher for over 10 years. She joined MSBG in 2014. Amy is married and has two children. Both her children attended Montessori School. When asked, Amy says, “The best aspect of my job is teaching the children and seeing their little light bulb go off using the Montessori Materials.”

Amy Paluch

Speech Pathologist

Amy holds a Bachelor degree in Communication Disorders from BGSU and a Masters Degree from Kent State University. She states, “What I like best about Montessori is the warm, nurturing environment and working with the teachers. They are so dedicated, easy (and fun!) to collaborate with to help each individual child reach their full potential.”

Angela Melillo

Extended Care

Angela is a Junior at BGSU studying Human Development and Family Studies.  Angela has always been around and loved working with children, coming from a big family in Illinois.  She is active in her sorority and has participated in several volunteer activities with children in our community. She has also held retail positions in her home town and has been a consistent name on the Dean’s list while in college.

Antonia Dzakula-Meek

Teacher, Physical Education

Antonia is a professionally-trained physical educator and holds her Masters in Education and her Masters of Arts in Adaptive PE. She has taught at MSBG since 2002 and is also an instructor at BGSU in the School of Human Movement, Sports and Leisure Studies.

Ashley Franks

Extended Care

Ashley joined MSBG in 2018 and serves as one of our child care workers in the extended care program.

Brenda Rider

Teacher, Early Childhood

Brenda is originally from Pioneer, Ohio. Her son is in the Early Childhood program at MSBG and her older children are alums. Brenda has her American Montessori Society credential for 3-6 years olds which she completed in the Spring of 2009. She has been at MSBG since 2004 and has experience working with students of diverse needs. Brenda states, “My favorite Montessori materials are the moveable alphabet and the bank game! I love how the bank game shows the relationships between the units, tens, hundreds and thousands.”

Cassandra Zamora

Teacher, Spanish

Seniora Zamora joined MSBG in 2018 as our Spanish teacher. Cassandra is married with a son and step daughter. Her family enjoys their dog Mia, pet frog Pepe and “Kitty” their cat. Cassandra says the students are very enthusiastic and engaged at every grade level!

Cindy Brechmacher

Education Consultant

Cindy has been with MSBG since 1996 and served as a teacher in the Early Childhood program until her retirement in the spring of 2018. Cindy now serves as an Education Consultant and provides support to our parents and teachers in Montessori philosophy and education.

Dave Proulx

Teacher, Upper Elementary

Dave holds his Bachelors degree from the University of Massachusetts in Sociology and his Masters degree in Education from Cambridge College in Massachusetts. Dave graduated from both programs with honors and holds his professional license in early childhood Preschool-3rd grade. When asked, “Why MSBG?” Dave said, ” What I love about MSBG is its well rounded curriculum with emphasis on peace and character education.” His hobbies include reading, traveling, playing softball, and most importantly, spending time with his wife and family.

Deb Reddin

Teacher, Upper Elementary

Deb was born in Van Nuys, California and moved to Ohio at age 9. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Bowling Green State University and has accumulated many post-graduate hours in language arts and science. She taught 5th and 6th grade in North Baltimore until she decided to be a stay-at-home mom while her son was enrolled in the Montessori Early Childhood program. She was very involved with the school as a mom, and then as a substitute teacher. She became a full-time teacher when the Upper Elementary class expanded in 2001. She completed her 9-12 year old Montessori Certification in 2003. Deb states, “My favorite Montessori material is the large fraction skittles used to teach division of fractions. I love this material because it very clearly demonstrates why we use the reciprocal and multiply to get the answer to a division problem.”

Debra Duty


Deb joined MSBG in 2017 and serves as one of our custodians.

Delores Perkins

Intervention Specialist

Delores joined the Montessori team in 2018 as the Intervention Specialist. Delores holds a MEd from the University of Pittsburgh, Bachelor of Science in Childcare and Child Development. Her teaching experience includes Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children; Continuing Developmental Services; Anchorage School District, O’Malley Elementary in Anchorage Alaska; Blairwood Academy in Nassau Bahamas; Seattle Public Schools and Henderson County High School in Henderson Kentucky. Delores and her husband, Rickey, relocated to Bowling Green in 2018. They both love to travel and “experience all this amazing world has to offer”. When asked about the Montessori School she states she “likes working with the students, the strong leadership and the dedicated staff.”

Emily Schroeder

Education Aide, Toddler

Emily joined MSBG in 2018 and serves as one of our education aides.

Heather Orth

Education Aide, Toddler

Heather joined the MSBG team in 2017 and currently serves as an education aide.

Jenica Fox

Teacher, Early Childhood Music

Jenica is the Early Childhood Music teacher. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Music Education: Instrumental and General, Jazz Certificate from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Orff Level I and Level II Certificates from DePaul University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Music Education at BGSU. Jenica enjoys gardening, camping, reading, spending time with family and traveling with her husband. Jenica loves how her students are always surrounded by music and art, in and outside of music class. It helps nurture their love of music and this truly shows in the classroom.

Jennifer Blakeman

Teacher, Elementary Music/Band

Jennifer Blakeman holds her Bachelor of Music Education degree from Heidelberg University with an instrumental emphasis. She currently runs her own traveling music studio and formerly taught elementary music at the K-5th level for a local school district. Additionally, she is licensed by the state of Ohio and holds Orff level 1 and 2 certifications. She joined the Montessori team as a parent and classroom substitute in 2015 and her three children attend MSBG.

Jennifer Sigurdson

Teacher, Lower Elementary

Jennifer joined the MSBG team in 2007 and for six years served as a teacher in the Early Childhood program, before moving to teaching in Lower Elementary. Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Science of Education from BGSU. She received her Early Childhood Montessori Credential from Adrian, Michigan. Jennifer is a proud mom of three daughters and Grandmother to one granddaughter. She enjoys reading and spending time with people who make her laugh. Jennifer feels, “blessed and fortunate to go to work every day and feels that she has made a difference. “To love what you do is to live life to the fullest.”

Jeremy Rober

Extended Care Coordinator

Jeremy is the MSBG Extended Care Coordinator and has been with us since 2015. He has an MBA in Human Resource Management. Jeremy started working in childcare while he was still in high school and periodically works as a substitute teacher. Jeremy and his wife Heidi have a son who attends MSBG. Jeremy enjoys running and playing basketball. He is also a semi-accomplished singer and guitarist. Jeremy feels, “the best aspect of the job is getting to watch the kids be creative and proud of it. I love encouraging them to explore that creativity and advance their own potential through experience. That engaging environment is what makes Montessori the best choice.”

Jordyn Kuemerle

Extended Care

Jordyn is studying Inclusive Early Childhood Education at BGSU and is part of the Early Childhood Aftercare staff. In her free time Jordyn loves to travel to new places, seeing friends and family and watching hockey games. When asked what she likes best about MSBG, Jordyn says, “the best aspect of my job is seeing the children get excited when they learn how to do a new work or learn a new skill. This experiential learning makes Montessori education so wonderful.”

Kate Balusik

Teacher, Early Childhood

Kate is a teacher in the Early Childhood East classroom. She attended Bowling Green State University and graduated with a degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. Kate was a probation officer for nine years prior to joining the MSBG team in 2013. She has served as aide in the East Classroom for two years and prior to that served as our Fundraising Coordinator. Through her kids being students at the school, she continued to become more involved and served as the CAPE President for two years. This involvement led her to changing career paths and join MSBG’s staff.

Kayla Borland

Education Aide, Early Childhood

Kayla joined our Extended Care team in 2016 before moving to the Early Childhood East classroom in 2018 as an Education Aide.

Lindsay Watkins

Extended Care

Lindsay joined MSBG in 2018 and serves as one of our child care workers in the extended care program.

Liz Resler

Teacher, Lower Elementary

Liz has been with the Montessori School since 1993 and is one of the Lower Elementary teachers. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and is licensed in Elementary Education. She also has her Montessori Credential for 6-9 year olds. Liz has served as an instructor and consultant for prospective Montessori teachers and BGSU student teachers. In her free time Liz enjoys gardening, camping, reading and spending time with family and friends. Liz states she “loves the Montessori material and the lessons that go with the material. I love having a co-teacher I can collaborate with and plan what is best for each individual student.”

Mackenzie Nofziger

Teacher, Middle School

Mackenzie is originally from Pettisville, Ohio. She has her Montessori credentials for Secondary I and II and her Master’s of Education from Xavier University. She is also a former student of BGSU, graduating Suma Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Education. Additionally, she is licensed to teach middle childhood (grades 4-9) with concentration in the areas of math, science and reading. Mackenzie says, “When I first found MSBG and learned about Montessori education, I knew it would be a great fit. It fits with my educational philosophy and truly seeks to educate the whole child. It is a wonderful and positive place to work and grow as a teacher!” In her free time, Mackenzie is very involved with Global Connections, an organization that serves the international community in Bowling Green. Before joining our staff at MSBG, Mackenzie taught at Bangkok Christian International School in Thailand for two years!

Mary Cleland

Teacher, Lower Elementary

Mary is a Lower Elementary Classroom teacher and has been with MSBG since 2000. Mary has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from BGSU and has her Montessori Elementary I Credential. Mary, along with her husband Lars live with their three children and their adorable pup, Bear. Mary says, “this school has been a wonderful place to instill in my students’ lives, as well as in my own children’s lives, a love for learning. The students realize they have a big part to play in their own education and are given the tools to make and accomplish their goals. They teach us just as much as we teach them.”

Meaghan Saettel

Extended Care

Meaghan joined MSBG in 2018 and serves as one of our child care workers in the extended care program.

Megan Prybylski

Teacher, Lower Elementary

Megan has been with the Montessori School since 2003. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child and Family Community Services from BGSU and completed her American Montessori Society 9-12 credential in 2005 and 6-9 American Montessori Society credential in 2018. Megan is originally from Van Wert, Ohio and currently lives in Fostoria. She enjoys coaching the 3-6 MSBG Cross Country team and serving as the Athletic Coordinator. When asked what Megan loves about the Montessori School she says, “the multi-age groupings and the nurturing environment where students can work, develop and learn at their own individual pace using the Montessori materials.”

Paige Bulkeley

Building Substitute

Paige is our building substitute teacher and has been with MSBG since 2007 and she is an alum parent of four. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University. She has been the Bowling Green High School golf coach since 2009. Paige is also an Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist and is an avid golfer, volleyball player, outdoor enthusiast, loves music and yoga and encourages going barefoot. When asked what she likes best about the Montessori School she says, “I adore working with every child in the school on all different academic levels and what I learn from them. I enjoy getting to know all of the families and watching their children grow from Toddler through Middle School.”

Pam Sattler

Teacher, Toddler

Pam is our Toddler teacher and has been with Montessori since August of 2018. Pam holds an Associate Degree from Owens State Community College in Early Childhood Education. She has worked in the education field for 18 years serving as a teacher and director for the YMCA. In June 2019 Pam will be traveling to Omaha, Nebraska for additional Montessori teacher training. She has four grandsons and one great-niece she calls her ‘lovies’. She enjoys bike riding, being outside and activities with her grandchildren. Pam says, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help organize and design the new toddler classroom. In the toddler room children have ample opportunities through practical life experiences. Friendships form as we gain social skills that help children for life.”

Renee Gross

Teacher, Early Childhood

Renee is one of our Early Childhood teachers and has been with MSBG since 2014. Renee holds a Master’s Degree in Education-Curriculum and Instruction as well as a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education from BGSU. She also holds her Montessori 3-6 Credentials from Mid-American Montessori Teacher Training Institute in Omaha, Nebraska. Renee has been married to her high school sweetheart for 15 years. They have three children who have attended or are currently attending MSBG. She loves to go antiquing and spending time with her family. Renee says, “Montessori advocates for teaching the whole child and has a deep respect for individual needs, ideas and differences. Children develop a love of learning that is authentic and lifelong.”

Samantha Brigode

Teacher, Upper Elementary

Samantha is an Upper Elementary teacher and has been with MSBG since 2015. She has a State of Ohio teaching license and is working on her Montessori credentials. Samantha is married with a son. Her husband is also a teacher and they both put a valuable education high on their priority list. When asked, Samantha says, she “enjoys the peaceful environment and Montessori philosophy”.

Sarah Current

Teacher, Early Childhood

Sarah is originally from Medina, Ohio and she was a student teacher at MSBG in 2008-2009 and began teaching here in 2011. For two years, she was an Early Childhood Teacher at a Montessori school in Streetsboro, Ohio. Sarah holds her Bachelor of Science degree in Education and is licensed in Early Childhood Education (PreK-3) with a Reading Endorsement (PreK-3). She completed her Montessori training at the North American Montessori Center and received her International Montessori diploma in 2010. She also completed her American Montessori Society credential in May 2013. Sarah states, “Aside from all the practical life activities, I would say that my favorite Montessori materials are the color boxes as well as the sandpaper letters with object boxes.” Sarah welcomed her first child into the world in July of 2016.

Sarah Leis

Teacher, Art

Sarah is the Montessori School of Bowling Green’s Art Teacher. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from Adrian College and has a K-12 Teaching Certificate. Sarah has been married for four years and grew to a family of three with the recent birth of their son. When asked about the best aspect of her job, Sarah states, “I truly enjoy seeing all the different creative ideas the students come up with. To see them explore and experiment with new materials and then the “a-ha” moments when an idea comes together is magical.”

Sophia Maragos

Extended Care

Sophia joined MSBG in 2018 and serves as one of our child care workers in the extended care program.

Sue DiBiasio

Educational Consultant

Sue is an Education Consultant for MSBG and has been a part of Montessori School of Bowling Green since 1980. Sue holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, has AMS credentials for 3-6 year olds and 6-9 year olds. She has served as a Parent Talk certified facilitator and a teacher educator in two teacher educator programs. MSBG has been a family affair for the whole family. She loves to spend time with family and friends, volunteer at church and in the community, read, and participates in yoga. When asked what makes Montessori the best choice, Sue replies, “it supports the growth of adults involved at Montessori, in whatever role they may participate – parent, teacher, administrator, grandparent, board member or volunteer.”

Thom Jones


Thom joined MSBG in 2018 and serves as our maintenance person.