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  • Jane Powell began MSBG in the second grade and attended for six years. Jane has recently graduated from The Ohio State University with a Master of Science in Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics and a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary East Asian Studies, with a language specialization in Mandarin Chinese. She is currently employed at an internship in Waterville, Ohio.

    Jane was asked what she enjoyed most about MSBG. She said, “What I enjoyed most about MSBG was the respect for the student as an individual. As a child, I struggled with severe shyness, and so had problems keeping up in a traditional classroom setting. I often felt I was lost in the crowd. I had a very difficult time finding my own voice. At MSBG, my teachers took the time to understand my shyness and where it was coming from, and very patiently helped me ease out of it. Classroom tools such as the peace rose, were incredibly helpful to me, because I knew if I wanted to speak, I would be heard. I was given attention as an individual, which helped me understand my voice was important, greatly helping my confidence.

    When asked about how Montessori prepared her for life, Jane responded, “I believe one of the strongest ways Montessori prepared me for life was to help me understand the power of my own determination and hard work. While we all face failures and disappointments in life, we can also do some amazing things as individuals. I learned that new situations can be opportunities for my own growth if I apply myself and reach outside my comfort zone.”

    Jane also adds, “after transitioning directly into a traditional high school from MSBG, I have often been asked if the transition would have been easier if I done it earlier. I think this comes from a concern that a child who has limited experience in a traditional classroom setting will struggle with the change in environment. However, based on my own experience, I did not feel that transitioning in middle school would have made enough difference to be worth it. I treasure my time at MSBG, and I feel that every year I spent there made a measurable impact on both my educational and personal growth. Had I transitioned in 7th grade, I would have missed out on two extra years of that growth.

                My transition to high school was difficult, but not because I could not handle it academically or socially. It was difficult because, frankly, I did not like it. At MSBG, my everyday education was structured around my own growth, or growth in cooperation with classmates. In traditional high school, the structure of education relied heavily on procedure, and passive intake of knowledge. Those four years of high school were difficult (as they can be for anybody), but I believe my experience at MSBG was more important to my life after high school.” 

    Jane Powell
  • Annie Miner attended MSBG through 6th grade and attends Ohio Wesleyan University studying Social Justice and Pre Law. While in high school she had many accomplishments; Zonta Club Women’s Scholarship recipient, National Honor Society, Scholar Athlete Award, French Honors Society, and more. We were fortunate enough to catch up with Annie to see how her MSBG education has impacted her thus far in her journey.

    How well do you feel you were prepared for Junior High and High School academically?

    I feel that I developed a strong work ethic at Montessori which set me up for success in my higher studies. Due to Montessori’s unique teaching style, I was also able to take some techniques used at Montessori and apply them in junior high and high school (i.e. if I didn’t understand a math problem, I would go back to Montessori concepts to help me visualize it).

    How well do you feel you were prepared for junior high and high school socially?

    Regarding leadership, I feel that I was very prepared. Montessori does a great job fostering the development of leadership skills in all of their students. Socially, since there were only about four or five of us who integrated to the BG City Schools, I felt very lost those first few weeks of school, because I knew absolutely no one. However, the skill of acclimating and making new friends is a life skill, one that you will never not need, so in that case, the smallness of the community of Montessori helped me develop and perfect the art of making new friends.

    Since Montessori Philosophy states that we are preparing students for life, and not just for school, how well do you feel
    that you are prepared for life?

    Whether or not Montessori helped me with procrastination or not, I am pleased to say that I do not have a procrastination problem and tend to get my work done when needed. I value independent learning and prefer to try and work problems out on my own before asking for help. Montessori helped me with leadership and working well with others. All of the skills that Montessori gave me, both on purpose and not, have been valuable for me over the course of my life since graduating from Montessori. I even still prefer to work either on my bed or the floor instead of a desk!

    What do you remember most about your experiences at Montessori School of Bowling Green?

    I remember how attentive and kind the teachers were. The teachers wanted to see you succeed, but on your own terms

    Annie Miner
  • David Myerholtz attended MSBG through 6th grade and graduated from BGHS. He was President of the High School Band Program, on the Honor Roll all four years of High School, inducted into National Honor Society, and was also a Thespian. He completed over 30 credit hours of college courses through PESOP and was a member of the Wood County Sheriff’s Explorers. He will be attending The Ohio State University with a double major in Public Affairs and Security and Intelligence with a minor in City and Regional Planning. His GPA is 4.23.

    How well were you prepared to academics beyond MSBG?
    I was very well prepared academically for middle school and high school.
    There was an initial shock of moving from a grade with 5 people in it to a grade with 258 people in it, however I was able to make friends easily, many wanted my help with academics, and I adjusted very quickly to the routine of public school.

    What did you enjoy the most about MSBG?
    Having the freedom to choose what to work on, to move about the classroom and to work with my friends on many different projects.

    How has Montessori prepared you for life?
    So far I have found that I am a very good leader, I am motivated to be the best that I can be and I always try to help those around me if I can. I cannot see into the future so I have no idea if I’m prepared for life past high school. But I do know that I am looking forward to it.

    Congratulations to David on all his accomplishments! We are proud of him.

    David Myerholtz
  • Kelsey states, “None of my experiences would have been as likely without my Montessori education. Like Maria Montessori, I believe that a child’s learning environment is as important as the learning itself. As you know, MSBG offers a unique environment which fosters a life-long love of learning. This love of life-long learning has led me to stubbornly hold on to interests–whether they fit into what society was telling me I should find fascinating or not.

    Self-exploration and discovery were two of Montessori’s valued topics in the development of a child’s self awareness. I truly believe that art education can not only expose students of all ages to a way to interpret the world around them, but is also a way for students to grow their understanding of other information they are learning whether as an individual or as a class. I believe that MSBG’s setting allows students to find what works for them and get excited about something that inspires them to delve deeper than the standardized level or topic.

    Maria Montessori also believed in the beauty found in nature and that creativity is a reflection of the natural world. This creativity can turn into creative problem solving. To me, art and creativity provide ways to associate information in a visual, tangible way. Personally, I have always been one of the many students who need visual and kinesthetic elements in education to best understand material. Some children find themselves delving into the wonderful worlds of math, science, or literature. Others find art.

    Every student deserves a quality art education. Not only because of the wonderful world of art and art history itself, but also because children by nature love to touch things, feel things and learn how things relate to one another. And, I truly believe art can help students to connect dots when their learning style benefits from that extra resource.

    I am honored to have the opportunity to help students to find further ways to explore the world of the arts integrating group projects, installations to add color to campus, and pieces that reflect on and supplement what they are learning in their main classroom (both skill-based and topic-based) and to continue to foster that love of learning that I found rooted in my Montessori education as a young child”

    Kelsey Kleine
  • Vitto attended MSBG through the sixth grade and graduated from Bowling Green High School. He plans to attend University of Wisconsin on a full-ride basketball scholarship.

    In high school, he received Ohio Division 2 basketball player of the year, NW Ohio player of the year, and NLL player of the year awards.

    Vitto said,

    I especially appreciate the free movement in the Montessori classrooms and the freedom of choice. It was important to not all work on the same things at the same time. I also really appreciate the hands-on learning including the math materials, language manipulatives, history simulations and science labs.

    Vitto Brown
  • Erin Peterson and her three younger siblings all attended MSBG. Erin graduated from Bowling Green High School and plans to attend BGSU and major in special education.

    In high school, Erin was an accomplished golfer in addition to her many academic and leadership accomplishments. In 11th grade she received the Coach’s Award as well as 3rd team all conference. In 12th grade she received the MVP award and was 2nd team all conference.

    Here are her reflections on her experiences at MSBG:

    I was very prepared for middle school, especially in the math department. Montessori helped me become very knowledgeable in math.

    I feel very prepared for life from Montessori! Montessori has a very different outlook on things than public school does, and that’s why I love it. Teachers at Montessori pay attention to you more, helping you in the areas you need help the most. It taught me a lot about independence and finding who I was. It also taught me a lot about resolving conflicts with friends. The peace rose helped many times and taught me to remain calm in situations.

    Montessori taught me more about life than junior high and high school combined taught me. I remember going to Camp Willson the most. I’ll never forget camp. Definitely some of the best days of my life.

    Erin Peterson
  • Erica graduated from Bowling Green High School and plans to attend BGSU and major in Gerontology or Exercise Science.

    In high school, Erica received two varsity letters: one in soccer and two in golf. She also received MVP and Coaches Award for golf.

    Upon her reflections of her experiences at MSBG, Erica said:

    I gained a lot of leadership skills and communications skills from going to Montessori. I was able to work really well with others.
    I remember always feeling excited to go to school. I felt comfortable and ready to work. It was such a calming, peaceful environment.

    Erica Rybak
  • Emily graduated from Bowling Green High School. and she attended MSBG through the sixth grade.

    She was a member of the National Honor Society, International Thespian Society, Spanish Honors Society, Honor Roll, Best Actress in a One Act Play, Drum Major of the BGHS Bobcat Marching Band, and Advocacy Officer of the Drama Club.

    She held a 4.3 GPA and plans to attend Miami University with a double major in English Lit and Theater with a minor in Spanish.

    Emily states that Montessori prepared her academically as well as socially. “I try to always be kind and polite to others even when we don’t get along and I’m highly motivated to both work hard and lead my peers. I loved being able to work at my own pace at MSBG and that benefited me long term.”

    Emily Myerholtz
  • Nico attended the Toledo School for the Arts and studied music. He attended MSBG through the sixth grade. He has received superior Ohio Musical Education Association ratings as well as at Music in the Parks. He was a finalist at the motor city soccer tournament 2012 and champion of Cedar Point Bowling Green Soccer Challenge 2012. He plans to attend BGSU and become a History teacher.

    ” I felt like I was very well prepared to interact with any group of people because of what I learned at Montessori. I was prepared to be patient and be able to work and get along with others and not fight. Academically, I was also well-prepared. The only thing I had to learn was the grading system.

    What I remember the most about my experiences at the Montessori School of Bowling Green was the feeling of family.”

    Nicolas Cabanillas
  • Tommy Reddin attended MSBG through sixth grade and graduated from Bowling Green High School. He lettered in Track and Cross Country, won a Scholar Athlete Award, and was on the Honor Roll all four years. He plans to attend Ohio University.

    Tommy had this to tell us:
    I think Montessori goes above and beyond when it comes to academic preparation for middle school. In the Junior High I wish I would have gone into honors classes. I heard from multiple sources that the public school curriculum is so much different and will be really challenging so I should stick to regular classes. This wasn’t the case. I found that in most of my classes it was easy. I had previously excelled in Montessori because of the “independent learning.” It seemed I was already doing 7th grade and sometimes 8th grade work in Montessori. So most things felt like review. The home work was not an issue. Most of the time I overdid every project and got an A, but it would be the same grade as the slacker that sat next to me.

    Montessori makes learning effortless. I thought public schools were doing way harder stuff from the sound of it. I always heard “oh I have so much homework tonight” and stuff of that sort, only to find out they were six months behind the material I was learning in class.

    One thing Montessori has taught me is that there is a sea of knowledge out there. I learn things for the sake of learning them, not for an upcoming test. I would read ahead in my history book because I wanted to know what happened next, not because it was assigned. So overall it taught me to enjoy learning.

    Tommy Reddin
  • Teresa Milbrodt received her MFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University. Her stories have appeared in Nimrod, North American Review,Crazyhorse, The Cream City Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, New Orleans Review, Natural Bridge, and Indiana Review, among other literary magazines. Her work has also been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Western State College of Colorado.

    Author and Professor Teresa Milbrodt had this to say about the Montessori School of Bowling Green:

    I learned how to read at very early age, and always loved books. At Montessori, my passion for reading was encouraged, and I was given assignments that challenged my skills. The confidence with and love of language I developed in those early years has followed me throughout life.


    Teresa Milbrodt
  • Brett graduated from Bowling Green High School where he maintained at 4.1 GPA, was a member of the National Honor Society, was a scholar and varsity athlete for four years. He was the swim team captain for two years and was on the honor roll every year of junior high and high school. He will attend Ohio Northern University and major in Pharmacy.

    He states, “I felt that the work and help that I got in Montessori made me very prepared for anything that junior high and high school had to throw at me. Montessori helped prepare me to make new friends very easily. I am confident that I have the skills necessary to succeed.”

    Brett Bushong
  • Tanner Gauler graduated from Maumee Valley Country Day School and attended MSBG through the sixth grade. Tanner had a blockbuster GPA and was awarded many accolades for his accomplishments across the board. Tanner was accepted by the prestigious Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana.

    Tanner Gauler
  • Ryan attended MSBG through the sixth grade and will be attending the University of Cincinnati, majoring in Chemical Engineering. He has a renewable scholarship through the university. He also received the Bowling Green High School Faculty Scholarship.

    Ryan Vanderhart
  • Cheslea attended MSBG through the sixth grade and graduated from BGHS. She will attend college and major in psychology. She is an honor roll student, maintains over a 3.8 GPA, is a varsity tennis athlete and has art work displayed at the Lucas County Library.

    She feels that the top three best aspects of MSBG are the “hands-on learning, independent (at your own pace) learning, and the freedom of choice in the classrooms.” She states, “Montessori prepared me for life. I am very happy that my parents decided to send me to Montessori when I was a child and most likely would not be where I am today without it. I remember all of the great teachers at MSBG. They were not only there to help me with my education but with helping me grow as a person.”

    Chelsea Dunn
  • Emily attended MSBG through the sixth grade and graduated from Bowling Green High School.

    Emily was a member of the National Honor Society, Squad and Section Leader in Band, a 4-H member (with superior rating each year) and maintains a 3.9 GPA.

    Emily received the Black Swamp Arts Festival Visual Arts Scholarship and the BG Community Foundation Scholarship. She will study art therapy or market research in college.

    She states, “I feel very prepared for life. The hands-on and independent learning and the peace activities had the biggest impact on me. The thing from MSBG I remember the most is the pink tower. I used it all throughout my times at Montessori, from playing with it to learning how to cube and calculate volume. I also remember the fantastic teachers and the encouraging learning atmosphere.”

    Emily Kleine
  • Nathaniel attended MSBG through the sixth grade and graduated from Bowling Green High School. Here’s the list of private scholarships he received:

    $3,000 Jamie Farr Classic Scholarship (renewable for 4 years)
    $2,000 Wood County Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship
    $2,000 Robert Kumpe Memorial Soccer Scholarship
    $1,000 Bowling Green Schools Foundation Scholarship
    $1,000 Bowling Green Exchange Club Scholarship
    $1,000 Bowling Green Community Foundation Scholarship
    $500 Wood County Township Association Scholarship
    $500 Ed & Sandra Metzger Scholarship (renewable 4 years)

    Nathaniel decided to attend Ohio Northern University, where he was accepted into the 6-year accelerated PharmD program in the Raabe College of Pharmacy, where he received a $19,000 Trustee Scholarship (renewable for 4 years).

    He also was named the Wood County Land Grant Opportunity Scholar at The Ohio State University, earning their top scholarship ($25,000 renewable for 4 years – includes full tuition, fees, room/board and books).

    Bowling Green State University awarded him the Forsyth Medal for Excellence in Math & Science this spring and a Full Centennial Scholarship ($10,896 renewable for 4 years – includes full tuition and fees).

    University of Toledo named him a Rocket Scholar and awarded him ($9,500 renewable for 4 years – includes full tuition and fees).

    Nathaniel also won the Nordmann-Stout Science Award, on behalf of the science faculty at BGHS!

    Nathaniel states, “Montessori’s methods created a stimulating environment for learning and understanding. Without Montessori, I don’t believe I would be where I’m at now. I really believe Montessori gave me an important foundation for learning.”

    Nathaniel Wilhelm