Middle School

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Virtual Tour – Middle School Classroom


The Middle School includes students in seventh through ninth grade.  Maria Montessori understood the unique developmental needs of adolescents and created a model of middle school instruction that progresses from upper elementary to channel students’ drive to action and support their social emotional needs. To that end, MSBG middle school students are grounded in the development of ​valor, ​their sense of strength and worth that helps them make a meaningful contribution to the world and find their place.

The Montessori adolescent program also incorporates other ideas throughout the curriculum about educating the whole child. We help make sure that students’ seven gateways are met: the yearning for deep connection, longing of silence and solitude, search for meaning and purpose, hunger for joy, the creative drive, urge for transcendence, and the need for initiation.



The middle school program provides a core of rigorous academics designed to prepare students for their transition to high school and college. The middle school rotates through two years of study (Cycle A and Cycle B) to ensure students receive a balanced and thorough program. Each year is then further broken down into 4 cycles that help connect the content to a central theme that relates to adolescents. 


  • Students will be asked to identify themes and trends–patterns that emerge in both history and literature–as we progress through our year of study.
  • To support our study of history, we will also explore shorter literature selections from the era we are studying as well as primary documents from the era.
  • Reading Workshop: Students will practice their independent reading skills as they choose their own novels and become better readers.
  • Writing Workshop: Students will have a variety of genres to choose from and be able to deepen their creative and technical writing skills while conferencing with peers and myself.

Math and Science

  • Students will receive individualized and small group math instruction, supported with Montessori materials and other hands-on materials. They will make connections between the concrete as they move onto more abstract and algebraic concepts.
  • Science study will include both experimental and teacher guided labs, as well as research based, open ended learning. The focus will be on building inquiry skills as students move towards the areas of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics).


Our seminar will follow the Paideia/Socratic model to help students develop critical thinking skills. Students will read a text that connects with content we are studying and prepare for seminar by annotating the text. This happens at least twice a month.

Service Learning

Montessori believed that adolescents need to take their independence to the next level in the form of service work. Therefore, each week students will participate in a service learning opportunity with a regular community partner. 

Field Studies

Throughout the year, students will be able to take their learning outside of the classroom in real and relevant ways. Field studies differ from field trips because they require the student to dig deeper into what they are learning, make connections, and complete related coursework. Field studies may be one day trips or multi-day overnight trips.


Students will participate in a microeconomy project that will help generate funds for middle school only expenses such as field studies, classroom expenses, and service projects. Our microeconomy is selling pizza.

Spanish and Specials

  • Students receive two hours of instructional time in Spanish weekly. Students will move toward an understanding of grammar, increase their vocabulary, and engage in conversational practice to prepare them for high school study.
  • Students also have one hour of art, music, and P.E. Students may continue band if they choose.



The middle school classroom is a technology ­rich environment. Each student will receive a Chromebook for their use throughout the day. We use Google Apps for education to compose documents and presentations. Our history textbook and math textbook is an e-text.

Because of our integrated technology, students will need daily access to the internet from home.


For additional information visit the American Montessori Website for a look inside the Middle School classroom:  Secondary Program