Special Areas

Art Education

All students have art education within the classroom. Starting in kindergarten, students go to the art studio for at least one hour per week. Art concepts are taught through activities based on the elements of design: line, shape, form, texture, space, color and value. Art instruction lends itself to integrating with other subject areas. The purposes of these activities are to help students develop awareness of, and appreciation for, the skills in communicating through art, and a feeling of pride and satisfaction in their work. Multicultural art activities are infused into the curriculum. Art Education gives students the opportunity to develop an interest in art appreciation and to develop critical and creative thinking skills.

Band Education

There is an optional band program for students in grades five through eight. Students receive small group lessons on instruments and as they progress are also involved in ensembles and performances.

Music Education

All¬†students participate in a music program designed to help children perceive sounds and rhythms, distinguish the structure of the music through listening, composing and performing; produce compositions; move or dance to music; reflect and evaluate performance; and reflect upon music’s heritage. The younger children prepare for and the elementary children play Orff instruments and recorders as well as dance and sing to music. Students share their work periodically through Informance music programs for their loved ones. Parents are also welcome to attend music classes with their students occasionally to enjoy the development of the children.

Physical Education

All ages participate in programs designed to develop physical skills and large and small motor control. Toddler and Early Childhood students spend time daily in large motor activity. Elementary students have physical education with an instructor and participate in units of study involving jogging, hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, and other games designed to develop physical skills, cooperation and sportsmanship. Students need a pair of athletic shoes for gym.

Spanish Education

Our students in Early Childhood through Middle School receive weekly Spanish instruction with a focus on the fundamentals, vocabulary, grammar, and culture of Spanish. Our Toddler students experience Spanish language and culture within their classroom setting throughout the day.  We partner with Viva! Spanish Language Programs for our foreign language curriculum and instruction in our upper and middle programs.