Ruby Redux Reverse Raffle


Each year our school relies on our annual gala to support the many excellent educational opportunities we provide at MSBG. Since last year’s Ruby Jubilee Gala was cancelled due to COVID, we hosted a virtual Reverse Raffle on Saturday, March 6th.

Congrats to this year’s winners! 

Jennifer Downey, Melody Knighton, Kandy Current, Fitz Christiano, Bob Clements, Leslie Eckelberry, Chris Cook, Owen Roberts, Mary Ann Dimick, Shawn Stansbery, Tom Current, Marilyn Iott, Emily McBeath, Jeremiah Kleinhans, Ken Hoffman, Jane Murray, Katie Iott, Mike Ariss, Bobby Rumer, Dan McInnis, Samantha Brigode, Kate Balusik, Dave Proulx, Yaz Sarzour, Heather Borsos, Liz FitzGerald, Rhonda Bockbrader, Jess Clements, Jimmy and Abby Comer, Art FitzGerald, Tammy Star, Nathan Downey

If you wish to watch the Raffle video, click here.

Thank you for supporting our annual fundraiser!