September 8, 2023 Early Childhood West

We hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day weekend! Our class welcomed this week with many more practical life works. Tonging from one container to another was introduced, as well as our first care of oneself work and the zipping dressing frame. We also had our practical life baskets on the shelf that allowed the children to practice opening, closing, zipping, snapping, and twisting to build fine motor and foster independence. Sand affirmations were shown for the month of September. This is a special, monthly work where children reflect affirming phrases about themselves and then scoop sand into a jar as they practice this positive self-talk. This month is “I am smart.” We opened up our geography area as children learned about our globes and the hemisphere map. The hemisphere map has the seven continents on it. We also focused on color box 1, which has the primary colors red, blue, and yellow. In Art, we used our torn paper from last week to make collages! We also collected peace sticks outside for a community representation and project. Each child finds one stick to represent them in our community. The next step will be to paint our sticks! Our Kindergartners also received their notebooks this week for ownership over their responsibilities and academic extensions!