September 6th, 2019, Middle School


  • Reading Ye Olde language is hard.
    • We began reading Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court. It is challenging, but once you get used to the way the language works, it gets easier. Returning to modern English will be interesting. Wow, he has a problem with “sheep-witted earls” holding power.
  • Mustang Cafe is getting closer to opening. We took a trip to Costco the purchase the disposable supplies that we would need. We are in the process of buying equipment and products.  Our grand opening is tentatively scheduled for Monday, September 16th, and we will have samples available to try, as well as coffee for sale on that day.
  • In science, we learned to measure the relative humidity of the air using a sling psychrometer. It was really accurate for a simple experiment.