September 6, 2019 Upper West

NEWS!!!! By Me/a 5th grader 😀

This week in Upper Elementary, the 5th and 6th have started band. Also, we’ve started a new interesting unit in history. Lastly, we held a student vote for different topics to research.

Starting it off, we have band! The band students have played musical Yahtzee, have watched music videos, and (obviously) played instruments.

Tuesday we got a lesson from Miss Deb about a History Simulation. “A simulation which recreates in your classroom some of the hardships and excitement experienced by early American colonists.”

Last but not least, we held a student vote for what topics we would like to research for our focus topics. This work will be done on Friday afternoon and is a combined East/West activity. The History Of Disney Films got the most votes, but there was more than one group, so all the other ones that got more than one vote also got to be a research group!

So yeah, you’re welcome XD 



Cubing Material
Puzzel put together using degrees of lattitude and longitude
Timeline of life