September 6, 2019, Toddler

Greetings from the Toddler class! This weather has been so enjoyable. Most mornings you will find us in the garden; watering plants, digging in the soil and exploring the many vegetable and flowering plants. We have learned that red tomatoes taste much better than green tomatoes and squash is too hard to bite into. Care of the environment is a huge component of Montessori teachings. Children are taught at an early age to care for their surroundings. Toddlers care for their fish, water the garden and have jobs within their classroom.

Practical life work is preparation for life; not preparation for school! Pictured above is a little one using the large buttons from the practical life shelf to place on a string. This simple practical life work helps children to develop fine motor skills needed to eventually hold a pencil to write. Other practical life work is can be found in the classroom on a daily basis.

Through out September we will be studying apples; tasting and cooking apples, learning how apples are grown and sorting colors of apples. We have started a short line time where we talk about seasons and sing songs about being friends and about autumn! Wishing you all a fun filled fall season!