September 6, 2019, Lower North

We are hoping everyone had an eventful, but relaxing Labor Day Weekend.  The extra day was well deserved after our two full weeks.  The students (and teachers) worked hard.
This week we will introduce the students to the Geometry Nomenclature.  Each of the nomenclature packets contain three parts:  1) a picture with no words, 2) a word label of the picture, 3) a definition for each picture.  Included with the nomenclature is a control booklet. The Geometry lessons begin with the Basic Ideas: point, line, surface, and solid.  As the year progresses the lessons will include the study of lines, angles, and plane figures.  We will also learn the polygons, quadrilaterals and the parts of a circle.
For younger students this is a reading and comprehension work.  Can they read the description, comprehend what they have read and match it to the correct picture?  If not, they will work on only matching labels to the pictures.  The ideas will not be mastered for the younger students, but older students, who have seen the work previously begin to remember the concepts and master them.