September 6, 2019, EC East


We hope everyone had a restful labor day weekend! This week the East and West classrooms showed many demonstrations in practical life including twisting, snapping, and zipping baskets. Dressing frames were also added to practice the self-care of velcro, snapping, and zipping. Tonging from one to one can also be found on the Practical Life shelf. All of these works help the child’s fine motor skills, coordination, concentration, and sense of order.

The East classroom added the brown prisms to their Sensorial shelf: a beautiful wooden work to visually discriminate thick and thin. The West classroom opened up the map stand where the hemisphere map was shown.
In art, both classrooms showed how to make a collage from the torn paper the students did last week. Sand affirmations were also introduced to the students. Every month, students will discuss what the new affirmation is about themselves. This month is affirming what they like about themselves. Once they make their affirmation they get to scoop colored sand into a glass jar.
We are starting our sharing bag this week. It went home with the first child this Friday. This is a special activity that your child gets to participate in to share more about themselves with the class. Every Friday, the child who had the sharing bag will draw the next name to pass the sharing bag along.
Kindergartners received their notebooks this year. A tool we use to extend the work they choose in the classroom and a place for them to take ownership over their work cycles. They also attended the bookmobile this week and had their very first Physical Education class!