September 4, 2020, Upper West

The New Montessori Way – At MSBG we have always been different from the other schools because Maria Montessori wanted children to learn in a nice environment. But we’ve had to change that because of the Coronavirus.

We now wear masks and stay six feet apart. That has changed how we are learning. But we can learn and stay safe at the same time. Some of the changes are the car line, which is the new drop-off system. We also have assigned seating at this time. We sit at one table for a week, so we can make less work for the custodians. They have enough new work to do already!

We can still see each other and talk to one another in our class, but we can’t go and play with people in other classes. We have separate places to play; the soccer field, the woods, and the playground. Sometimes we can say a real quick ‘“hi!’” to our friends when we play games together. It’s nice to see them, even if we can’t talk to them.

We can make the most of this time, together, as a community.

First Great Lesson – On Thursday the 27th, we had the First Great Lesson. It was about the heating and cooling of the Earth, also known as the Cosmic Dance. We learned that the Earth was part of the sun, but a chunk came off. The Earth was like a small sun, fiery and hot. Real hot. Eventually the Earth started to cool. Warm air rises, cool air falls. This happened for thousands of years. 

I thought the lesson was interesting. I can’t wait for the next one!

Olivia – On Tuesday September 1st, a new student came to Montessori. She is joining Upper West, as a fourth grader. Her name is Olivia. She used to go to a school in Findlay. Since she is new that means we can all teach her the Montessori way. I hope that she likes it here.


Our first art class with Miss Sam
Exploring landforms with the stream tables