September 4, 2020, Middle School

So far this year, our class has been wading hip-deep into the Exploration of the Americas by European Nations and the long-term affects of the Age of Exploration.  We are also playing with Newton’s Laws of Motion, Energy, Force, Work and the relationships between those scientific concepts.

But you aren’t here to read about that.

We have been making use of our Outdoor Classroom (above) as much as possible so that the students get a break from their masks, we can see each other’s’ faces and enjoy the air. Inventing games, and improving existing ones, is a favorite activity for our break times (above: Saucy Swings @recess).

We are also getting the hang of the Digital Transformation Station, and are building our electronic work portfolios every day. We are working on a way to display this work so that parents, teachers, and other students will be able to share in our excitement.

Thanks for reading Classroom News. Come back next week and we’ll find out if our heroes figure out who is actually behind the Case of the Missing Jenga Block.