September 30, 2022, Lower South


Fall is here! With the weather change and the attempt to get students outside as much as possible, please check the weather every morning before school. In past years, some families have found it helpful to keep a pair of waterproof boots at school throughout the week.   We will be going outside even in a light sprinkle.

This week, students have been learning about Land and Water forms in our Geography lesson.  For a deeper exploration, we added Mandala work.  The Mandala Mat provides an imaginary landscape with land and water forms to label and explore.  When done labeling, students clear the labels and start using Command Cards.  The Command Cards are the most engaging part.  The child must follow directions written on cards and be able to draw, show and label what the cards tell them to do in their notebook.

Another cultural unit introduced in Geography is learning about the flag.  Students will learn the parts of a flag, flag etiquette, and flags of each state in the U.S.A and explore different flags from around the world. Learning the different flags is a great way to give students insight into global geography.