September 30, 2022, EC West

Leaves and Trees was our new science unit this week! We studied and identified parts of a tree and parts of a leaf. We learned about how trees grow week while exploring many art extensions,  including leaf rubbings, leaf prints, and using Q-tips to paint a fall tree. We are observing the season of Fall and watching what happens to the leaves and trees outdoors! As we continue working with colors in Sensorial, we added Color box 2 to our shelf. Working with Color box 2 helps us learn to identify and match all the color tablets. Our movement shelf introduced a 2 person gross motor activity of rolling a medicine ball back and forth with a friend. Water was also introduced to the classroom in our first work of sponge squeezing. This work prepares the child for more significant work like table scrubbing. On the writing shelf, our first three metal inset frames were demonstrated. This motor preparation work allows the child to trace simple to complex shapes within the frame. In practical life, we extended our previous clipping lesson to clipping socks on a clothesline. In math, the beautiful numerical rods were shown. This work mirrors the red rods from sensorial but now in a numerical color pattern to identify and label the numerals 1-10.