September 3, 2021, Lower North

The upcoming three day weekend will be well deserved for both students and teachers.  It has been a very busy week!  In order to reach normalization in the classroom there is much orientation going on.  Students have been taking in an immense amount of information regarding the routine in the classroom as well as expectations and responsibilities with academics.  Many small group and individual lessons have taken place.

This week we have taught many review math lessons.  We are teaching students processes with different materials, including the golden beads, the stamp game and the bead frame. Most students have been shown a process to practice for the next week or more, if needed.

In geography, students are learning various land and water forms as well as learning about the continents and oceans.  In history, we are exploring the eight planets and Pluto, a dwarf planet.  This unit is always popular because it allows them to wonder about our universe.  We continue our study on the parts of a plant in botany and vertebrates and invertebrates.

In lower elementary, students use a planner to track the work that they do throughout the week. The goal for your child is to be able to plan a day’s worth of work (math, language and culture) and complete it during our Great Period from 9:00am-11:15am. Typically, these will get sent home on Fridays. This is a great tool you can use to find out what he/she is learning in school.  Look for it in your child’s backpack each week.

This week has also been busy with the start of our special area classes.  We are fortunate to have a great group of teachers who work with the students in the areas of music, art, physical education, and Spanish.  Our students enjoy these classes they have once a week for an hour.

We’re off to a great start this school year.  Have a restful and enjoyable Labor Day weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday.