September 29, 2023 EC West

Fall is among us! Our new science unit this week was all about apples! We learned about parts of an apple, different kinds of apples, and tasted a red delicious, golden delicious, granny smith, and gala apple. Thank you to the families who donated apples to this unit! We also painted an apple on the easel for our first painting work! Our pre-writing boards were added to the writing shelf to track lines and shapes. Our monomial cube was added to the sensorial shelf, where children use cubes and prisms to make a larger cube. In math, we demonstrated our numerical rods, which introduced the concept of the number 10. The rods mirror our red rods in sensorial. In Practical Life, we used our fine motor and coordination to string material onto a string. Our breathing boards were shown for a peace work. Children trace boards while practicing deep breathing patterns to help their bodies feel calm and relaxed. Rolling the medicine ball was our movement lesson, one of the children’s favorites to do with one another! Kindergartners were also introduced to their book buddy within their peace pal group.