September 25, 2020, Upper West

This week we had some awesome things happening. Here are a few of them:

Science. This week in science we did landforms. To do this we bulldozed (used a wooden angle) to flatten earth material (clay and sand) to make a model of a plateau. Then the fun part! We balanced a cup with a small hole in the bottom, then poured a liter of water in. Five minutes later it made many landforms by erosion. Then we repeated this but held a  Q-tip with blue dye over the hole so we could see the path the water took.

For International Day of Peace we made pinwheels and put them outside. We also sang the 2020 song of peace. I recited a haiku and the whole school was involved.

Even though we have to wear masks, we’re still having fun. See you soon.


Numerical Decanomial
Peace Pinwheels