September 25, 2020, Middle School


We are nearing the end of our discussion of Touching Spirit Bear. Some of us are 1 week from the end, and others are 2 weeks away, but we are all excited to witness the end of Cole’s personal journey on the island.

In history, we’re talking about the 7 Years War, which Winston Churchill called the “First World War”. It is funny to think of all the Parliamentary Acts and Colonial Resolutions as if it were Kindergartners arguing over who gets to sit on a swing.

Our science is heating up, too! See, that’s funny because we’re talking about thermal energy and how it moves. Conduction, Convection, and Radiation are all the rage these days. Insulators are no slouches either!

The hornets that live outside our classroom have been relatively docile thus far, but we’re keeping an eye on them just to make sure.