September 24, 2021, EC East

We have welcomed the season of Fall this week! The Early Childhood classrooms introduced their first two science units this week. East students studied and identified different kinds of apples and the West students learned all about leaves and trees. These science units were also extended by tasting different apples and going on a Fall hike to do outdoor leaf and tree rubbings! Leaf crayon rubbings and apple paintings were also added to the art shelves. Fall themed Practical Life works were also popular works! On Tuesday, we celebrated the International Day of Peace as a school community. This celebration was outdoors as we sang peace songs, walked our trail, and displayed the peace flags that were made last week. East students worked on fine motor skills through the tracing box and West students were introduced to the sets basket in math. Other Practical Life and Sensorial works this week included changing a toilet paper roll, floor sweeping, the snapping dressing frame, and red rods.