September 23,2022, Lower North



This week¬†we expanded on our grammar lessons. We gave a whole group lesson on articles. While this was a review for some, it was a new lesson to others. Articles include the words the, a and an. On our grammar shelf, students are able to choose activities that include matching a noun word with an appropriate article. For instance if there are multiple pencils, you would use the article¬†“a”. If the noun begins with a vowel, then “an” is used. Montessori uses specific colors and symbols to help represent different parts of speech. The noun is represented with a large, black triangle. While the article is represented by a tiny, light blue triangle.

We have also begun working with compound words. Students realize that two separate words can sometimes come together to create a whole new word. For instance dog and house, create the compound word doghouse.
We added some new math work to our math unit shelf. Students are comparing two numbers and deciding whether one is greater than, less than or equal to another. They practice comparing numbers in the units, tens, hundreds and thousands. For students who are ready, they are building numbers greater than 9,999 and comparing them in the same way.
Thank you for helping with the Writer’s Workshop pictures. We are off to a positive start with our writers. As events occur or conversations happen, help remind your child about small moments that have happened in their life that they can write about.