September 22, 2023 Lower North

The fifth week of school has quickly arrived! Each day the children become more acclimated to the classroom environment. As time goes by, students continue to express their passion for learning! This week both lower classrooms have introduced new units within the math and language curriculum.

In regards to math, the students were presented with lessons for geometry and math units. For geometry, the third-year students were introduced to the first nomenclature packet. This nomenclature covers the basic concepts of a point, line, plane, and solid. The second and first-year students were shown constructive triangles for geometry. This geometric unit allows children to build a multitude of other shapes from triangles. These shapes include rectangles, parallelograms, polygons, and more. Along with geometry, the students were introduced to a new unit on the math unit shelf. This unit allows children to explore work that helps them learn the concepts of greater than, less than, and equal to.

On the other hand, for language, students were presented with word study and grammar lessons. Now on the word study shelf, students are able to explore compound words. This enriching unit is a favorite for most students and enhances the vocabulary of children. In grammar, students were presented with the key lesson over the article. Students reviewed the three articles of the English language, a, an, and the, while being able to complete article works off the grammar shelf.

We hope you have a peaceful weekend!

The Lower Team