September 22, 2023 EC East

Introducing our Geography curriculum was a focus this week in Early Childhood.  Our sandpaper globe was introduced, as well as our colored continent globe.  The first puzzle map, the hemisphere map, was demonstrated and introduced the continents and their names.  In Sensorial, students explored our Red Length Rods, teaching visual discrimination of size.   Students also learned to use a tape dispenser on our supply shelf independently. Our first Sensorial unit, exploration of color, was also added this week. We also introduced three geometric solids this week: cube, cylinder, and cone.

On Thursday, we celebrated International Day of Peace as a school community.  Promoting and raising awareness of the ideals of peace is our primary focus this day. We wore red and shared our peace using pinwheels to decorate the peace pole out front.  This is also our kick-off for Peace Pals, a group of multi-age peers meeting once every two weeks from Kindergarten through Middle School.