September 20, 2019, Toddler

Baking with apples this week! Together we followed a recipe for apple muffins; mixing, measuring, stirring and scooping into the muffin tin. We talked about how much flour and sugar to add, all the while counting as we added the ingredients. Children commented about the sweet smell as they added the cinnamon! Other practical life work this week included scrubbing. Children scrubbed fruit and a pumpkin. The pumpkin was donated by Luke; it came from a seed that he saved from last school year! Thank you Luke for sharing.

This week we introduced paper tearing. Children tore strips of paper to make a paper plate apple. This work is first used in the classroom before we introduce scissors. This in turn prepares the child for writing, actually developing the muscles in their hands and fingers. This is a work you will find on the art shelf in the classroom.

Our apple unit has been so much fun! I enjoy watching the children use all their senses to explore this work. Our language work is an apple lotto matching game, and on the math shelf we count apples. Next month we will have work related to pumpkins and fall leaves.