September 20, 2019, Lower North

For the past few weeks students have been exploring the different parts of plants. This week they have dug into learning about two of the beneficial parts of plants, roots and stems. In particular, the students have had the opportunity to uncover the important functions of the roots and stems along with learning about multiple types of roots and stems. Some of the root types include tap roots, fibrous roots, and adventitious roots. As for stems, students have been learning about aerial stems, erect stems, and underground stems.

With exploring the stems, students were able to be a part of a neat science experiment. For this experiment we placed 3 white carnations in a vase with water that contained food coloring. Students were able to make predictions about what they thought was going to happen.  The end result was that the white carnations were turned into beautifully colored flowers from the process of circulation in plant stems.