September 20, 2019, EC East

This week Early Childhood created their classroom peace bundles. After collecting and painting their sticks to represent themselves, they learned that we are stronger together as a community than we are alone. This very special bundle can be found in our peace corners.

The care of ourselves and the care of our environment continued this week as floor sweeping, snapping, and changing a toilet paper roll were demonstrated.
Both classrooms explored a new science unit. The East classroom  enjoyed learning all about different kinds of apples, looked inside at the parts of an apple, and even got to use their sense of taste on the apples! The West classroom discovered the characteristics of living and non-living things. We had a special visit from the turtle in Lower North as a part of this lesson! In Sensorial, our color units were added to the shelves. We talked about primary and secondary colors.
The East classroom also opened up their map stand with the first map; the hemisphere map. In handwriting, the children began strengthening their fingers by tracing in lentils in the tracing box. The children were also shown how to carefully dispense tape.
The West classroom introduced a new number work; the sets basket. For this work objects get sorted to discover how many there are in one set. We also added our yoga bear to the peace corner for some meaningful meditation.
The Kindergartners started writers workshop this week. Writers workshop is our creative writing program. We started with getting our topic, ideas, and thoughts down on paper through pictures and words.
Thank you to everyone who supported our MSBG Cross Country Invitational this week!!
We also took part observing and celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the International Day of Peace. We met as a school around our Peace pole, sang songs, introduced peace pal groups, took pictures, and walked our trail.