September 18, 2020, Upper West

We’ve had a busy week so far in Upper West. On Monday, Mr. Dave gave us a history lesson on finding the closest relatives of humans. After his presentation, we looked at the latest scientific evidence to see which of the apes we are most closely related to. He used charts to tell us about homologies, or having similar characteristics that are inherited.

Miss Deb gave us the next collaborative science lesson. In this lesson, we used stream tables to mimic the thousands-of-years process of river basins and deltas being being created. Each of the three groups had unique processes that we were able to observe and discuss.

On Wednesday, we went outside for a community building activity called “Traffic Jam” where we had to problem solve moving around circles on the ground. We had to reset many times, collaborate, and test out new strategies as we worked through the problem.

Geometry started today, and biology will start next week. We’ve been having two math lessons and two language lessons each week. Looking forward to next week!

Searching for Our Closest Relatives
Natural Processes at Work