September 18, 2020, Lower North

We have just completed the fourth week of school already! The students in the Lower Classrooms have been hard at work and eager at learning new things. This week students were introduced to new writing mechanics lessons covering two of the punctuation marks, the question mark and the period. After the lessons, students had the opportunity to practice utilizing these punctuation marks with work available on the shelf.

Over the past couple weeks, the students have been discovering different invertebrates and vertebrates on the Zoology shelf. This week, the students were presented a lesson on a specific animal that is a vertebrate, the fish. Within the fish unit, the children have already been able to start exploring and learning about the parts of fish. This includes the many fins fish may have including, dorsal, caudal, and pelvic fins. In addition, students will be able to discover different types of fish from clown fish to goldfish.

Aside from learning about the fish, the children have been learning about the different parts plants have on the Botany shelf. This week, students were able to begin uncovering details about a specific plant part, the roots. Throughout the next few weeks, students will be able to explore the parts of roots and different types of roots plants have. A few of these types of roots include, tap roots, adventitious roots, aerial roots, and tuberous roots.