September 17, 2021, Lower South

It is hard to believe that the students have been in school for four weeks already! Each day the children become more and more acclimated to the classroom environment and continually are showing a passion for learning. This week the students were introduced to many new units from Zoology to Geometry to Grammar. In addition, the Second Great Lesson and the Third Great Lesson were presented to the students.

The Second Great Lesson is one story that explains the coming of life. This lesson allows for children to imagine all of the types of organisms, plants, and animals that once lived on our earth and those that still exist on our planet today. Stemming from the Second Great Lesson, children have been able to explore a variety of invertebrates on the Zoology shelf. On the other hand, the Third Great Lesson encompasses how a very special mammal came into existence on earth. That mammal being, humans. From this lesson children are able to gain a deeper understanding of the evolution of humans from long, long ago to today. Both of these great lessons spark the interest of the child and always leave children wanting to learn more along with leaving a lasting impression.

Moreover, the students were introduced to the first nomenclature packet for Geometry. This nomenclature covers the basic concepts of a point, line, plane, and solid. In Grammar, students were presented the key lesson over the article. Students reviewed over the three articles, a, an, and the, while completing article works off the Grammar shelf.

Lastly, we wanted to send out a reminder to have your children wear WHITE on Tuesday, September 21st. On this day, our school community will be celebrating the International Day of Peace! This is a very special day and we hope all students can participate in celebrating this day by wearing white.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

The Lower Elementary Team