September 16, 2022, EC West


We started our handwriting lessons this week! Children receive lessons at our easel and then move to a writing folder. Handwriting focuses on the formation of each letter through tactile movement, large to small, as the hand prepares for pencil and paper. Our pre-writing shelf was open, and the tracing box was demonstrated. The tracing box allows the child to develop hand-eye coordination to begin forming shapes, lines, and letters in lentil beans. The children also put their family photos into our classroom book; each student decorated their page. This unique community project can be found in our peace corner! We also painted our peace sticks that were collected last week, making them unique and beautiful to represent ourselves. In Practical Life, we continue to strengthen fine motor skills through clipping works. Cutting clay is the introduction to using scissors in our classroom. Hopping spot to spot was shown on the movement shelf for a gross motor activity! In Sensorial, we demonstrated our red rods using visual discrimination to identify long vs. short. Our first science unit was all about apples! We learned the parts of an apple, did apple tasting and explored the many apple varieties. Thank you to those families who donated Apples to help make this unit a success!