September 15, 2023 EC West

Fall is soon approaching, which led us to our first science unit this week all about leaves and trees! We studied parts of a leaf, parts of a tree, and identified many different kinds of leaves. Our first pre-writing work was shown being the tracing box. Using two fingers, children trace shapes, lines, and letters in lentils. This strengthens and prepares the fingers to use a pencil. Our Practical Life lesson was clipping clothes pins onto the rim of bowls, enhancing fine motor control and coordination. Our beautiful red rods were shown in sensorial to visually discriminate long to short. Hopping spot to spot was added to our movement shelf. We also ventured outside to collect our “peace sticks.” This special community activity allows a child to find a stick to represent themselves in our community. We learn that one stick alone can break but a bundle of sticks tied together is strong, reflecting ourselves and our place in our classroom community. Children then got to paint their peace sticks to make it unique to them. This peace stick bundle can be found in our peace corner! We also completed and read our family photo classroom book that will be cherished in the peace corner all school year as well. We enjoyed releasing our butterfly this week. Children have been eagerly watching the stages from caterpillar to butterfly and the joy and excitement on their faces during the release was heartwarming!