September 13, 2019, Toddler

Apple season! Toddlers use all their senses to explore and learn about their world! This month we have tasted different varieties and colors of apples, smelled apples and sorted colors of apples too! This week we made applesauce together; mixing, measuring and stirring the ingredients,  smelling the sweet cinnamon as it cooked! This is real practical life skill practice! Children used child sized butter knives to cut up the apples into small pieces.

Check out our math shelf in the classroom! Children explore math work that helps with learning one on one correspondence and quantity understanding. Our math peg work doubles as fine motor development and encourages movement.

Just a few reminders; please send bug spray for your child. We love to go outside and sometimes the mosquitos are out! Also make sure your child has a change of clothing for spills etc.