September 11, 2020, Lower South

The lower elementary classrooms are quickly coming to some normalization.  Students are learning what their expectations are and making wise choices. They are becoming familiar with what activities they can do and working towards completing the expected work. Earlier this week we shared our Daily Schedule with all families and I’m sure you will agree that we are busy daily.

This week we shared The Second Great Lesson: Life Comes to Earth with the students.  This lesson introduces the children to invertebrates and the five classifications of vertebrates.  They become familiar to plants and how almost 75 million years ago animals and plants of the earth lived together in harmony, helping each other in some way to thrive.  This lesson offers more activities on our Zoology shelf for the children to explore.
Handwriting lessons have begun weekly in class.  Students are taught and practiced in print and cursive writing in the D’Nealian style.   We work in small groups to observe and make sure letter formations are being done correctly for legibility.  A handwriting chart was shared earlier this week with families if they choose to practice writing at home.