September 10, 2021, Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School Classroom News for Friday, September 10th, 2021.

We’ll be sharing with you the discussion we had about Lord of the flies, Sideline soccer, Band and the civil war, one of the bloodiest in American history. On a happier note, we have a short week due to Labor Day. To start this discussion, we’ll talk about a very interesting lord of the flies discussion.  Some common themes were dark magic, evil beasts, and insanity. As you may have guessed from the dark magic and insanity,  we just finished chapter 8. It was a very interesting discussion, as it debated the morality of humans, and whether the beast is a beast, or humans.

In other recent developments we are starting to learn soccer in P.E. This was greeted with mixed feelings ranging from yay, to aw man. Whatever the feeling we are starting to learn the elementarys of soccer with warm ups like soccer sharks and minnows, cone nocks, and actual soccer games.

Meanwhile on the less physical side of things, the band class is almost ready to use instruments. Up until now, the class has been working on basic skills like concentration with instruments (to learn instrument names), musical yahtzee (to learn notes) and other similar practices. Although unlike P.E. I’m sure it’s unanimous that everyone can’t wait to use instruments. Especially because it’s an optional class.

Lastly, recently in history we’ve been learning about the civil war. The latest lesson was on the Gettysburg Address, and the appomattox court house; but some other lessons have been basic recaps. Others still have been edpuzzles, which are videos that cover sections of the civil war and other things and allow your teacher to assign multiple choices, or fill in the blank questions. In addition we’ve learned about the strategic advantages of certain places, and what general commanded what battle.

Alright, that about wraps it up for this week. Tune in next week for another news podcast.