September 1, 2023 Early Childhood East

Our Early Childhood East classroom has enjoyed a beautiful first full week of school! Thank you again for helping us during orientation week to establish our foundational lessons, such as walking, unrolling/rolling a rug, and using the snack table. We also learned the traditional Montessori lessons of grasping, pouring, and spooning. This dedicated time is truly beneficial to the child and aides in their overall success! This week we opened the Sensorial shelf and introduced the knobbed and knobless cylinders as well as the pink cubes, teaching spatial awareness and visual discrimination of size. We also introduced Math self-correcting 1-10, the spindle boxes 0-9, and the cards/counters lessons. Grace and Courtesy lessons were presented, including how to interrupt politely, how to wait, and how to use a quiet voice. Our Peace Curriculum was also introduced, teaching conflict resolution and the use of a Peace Rose. Children practice taking turns holding the peace rose and using “I statements” to work through conflict or disagreements. It was a very busy week, and we are so proud of all the students’ hard work!