October 9, 2020, Lower North

It amazes us how quickly time goes by.  Perhaps, it is because time flies when we’re having fun.  Or is it that time flies when we are busy, or both?

This week has been a week of many new unit lessons.  Here is a list of the new work our students have been exploring:  In Math, they have been exploring greater than, less than, and equal to of numbers into the thousands.  Also in Math, they are learning the concept of Expanded Notation by breaking down numerals into their hierarchic.  In Geometry, students are forming different plane geometric shapes using the Montessori Constructive Triangles.  On the grammar shelf, they are exploring different types of nouns: common/proper and masculine/feminine.  In Botany, the study of plants continues with a focus on stems.  Finally, we introduced the Mandela Geography Mats which teach the land and water forms further and allows for application of knowledge.

Wow!  By the sound of things, yes, time is flying by because we are having fun and are busy.  Have a great weekend!