October 8, 2021, Lower North

Happy October!

This is the month that we look for normalization in the classroom.  We are well on our way!

Our main focus this week is our new unit in Zoology.  The students were given a lesson on the fish and its parts.   The Montessori nomenclature describes each of the fins on a fish and the purpose of the fin.  It also introduces the students to the lateral line, gills and the operculum, the covering of the gills.  For this lesson we use an actual body of a fish that was donated to the lower elementaries for the purpose of learning about the parts.  Each part is clearly shown, including the gills.  We are grateful to have such wonderful materials for the children to learn and explore.

Students do not have school on Monday, October 11 because of our full staff Professional Development Day.  Have a wonderful long weekend!

The Lower Elementary Team