October 8, 2021, EC East

Early childhood continues exploring science units this week! East students are now learning all about leaves and trees while West students are learning all about apples! These science units have extended into creating art pieces about apples, leaves, and trees as well! Cutting strips of paper was also presented from the art shelf. Both classrooms have added the name tracing basket to their writing shelves to allow practice with name-writing. In Math, numerical rods were shown to reinforce numeration 1-10; a work that also reflects the sensorial red rods. The West classroom also introduced the “memory game” to help retain numerals and the East classroom added the sets basket to find sets of numbers. In Practical Life, the east students enjoyed pounding work and West students enjoyed sponge squeezing. West also showed the monomial cube in Sensorial. Both classrooms continue to work with their color units; a very popular work choice!