October 7, 2022, Middle

Our kayaking trip up and down the Auglaize River was a huge success! Ask a middle school student about their experience of paddling UP stream for 3.5 miles, then back down, picking up stray trash along the way. You can be sure to get an ear full. We also greatly enjoyed the corn maze, the enormous firepit, and the camaraderie.

The classroom is currently busy getting back into the routine of things. We started Peace Pals back up this week! This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to provide leadership to the rest of the school, by leading different Peace Pal groups each week. We are also starting Book Buddies, which pairs individuals with younger students to read. This encourages younger students to read more and build their confidence as well as with our Middle students.

We have shifted to studying the Americas in the 13th century in History and are learning how geography of the Earth affects our weather and climate. These lessons fall und our Cycle Theme: Causation.