October 7, 2022, EC West

Happy October!

We introduced our first geography unit, “My place in the world.” This cosmic education approach focuses on students’ unique selves as they identify their relation to the world and universe surrounding them. Each unit builds upon each other to help students discover and understand the concept. Sensorial work this week included geometric solids to help identify three-dimensional shapes and the monomial cube, which visually prepares them for algebraic equations. They use cubes and prisms from the monomial cube to create a larger cube.

In Practical Life, we introduced stringing beads onto a string and changing the toilet paper roll. A skill they can help with at home! In art, we moved from tearing paper strips to cutting paper strips with scissors!

We also introduced the memory game in math. This two-person work allows students to look and easily remember the numbers 1-10 while they walk to and from their rug to match the corresponding numeral. We also added people from around the world to our peace corner to explore different cultures and diversity. Our Kindergartners also had the opportunity to learn about fire safety at a special presentation this week!