October 7, 2022, EC East

We began our geography unit “ME and my place in the World” this week.  This unit is introduced at the beginning of the school year and is specifically designed for a child to recognize and explore parts of the human body and understand that he is unique! Works include Skin/Muscle/Bone puzzles and nomenclature, matching, books, and booklets. Most importantly, a tiny stone, unique in color and texture, symbolizes the unique child and core of the Geography nesting boxes.

 In art, we explored cutting strips of paper while adding metal in frames in writing.  These classic Montessori materials are foundational and allow the child to strengthen fine motor skills in preparation for writing.  In sensorial, we added our monomial cube, which explores spatial awareness.  We added the sets basket on the math shelf where students can group like items and label them with the corresponding numeral.  Yoga cards and stringing were also works added to the classroom.

The Kindergarten students began Peace Pals this week!  Our school community K-9 gathers in small groups every second Tuesday to learn a new lesson taught by the older students.  The focus of the studies includes peace, community-building, and personal responsibility.