October 4, 2019, Toddler

This year  has already been one of growth and rapid learning for our toddlers! I see many “ah ha” moments when a child completes a skill on their own or tries a new work. You can see them beaming with pride, “I did it” they say! So fun to watch these little butterflies unfold and develop skills. We continue our important practical life work; pictured above Luke works on cutting a wooden block of cheese while Aris pours apples back and forth from a bowl.

Language work includes matching as well as naming objects. Lachlan successfully matches 3 colors of apple cards. Sensorial work helps us develop and refine our five senses. Montessori sensorial materials have a build in “control of error” meaning that the child not only works with the materials but has a way to check their own work. This promotes independence and problem solving skills.  Pictures is one of our friends using the posting work.

Reminders; Please fill out and return your conference forms so we can coordinate times with siblings. Also, remember to bring in extra clothing just in case! Happy fall!