October 30, 2020, Lower South

We look forward to meeting with all our parents this week for parent-teacher conferences.  We feel that our students do best when our parents are involved, and we all work together to help the children succeed.  This is a great opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, share your child’s strengths and needs, and their social development.  If you have not returned the Pre-Conference Questionnaire, please take a moment to do that before the conference.   Return it to better help us know what your questions and concerns may be.

On our History shelf, we have put out an Election Unit.   To introduce the unit the students discussed the upcoming election with the help of our Scholastic News titled Can a Kid be President?   With the unit, students will learn basic election vocabulary.  They can read picture books about an election and do book reports.  On Tuesday, they will be able to vote for one of the candidates.

Have a great weekend!

Amphibian and Common and Proper Noun work on a rug. 

Election work and daily planning  on a table.