October 23, 2020, Middle School


Conferences are next week! Can you believe that we are fully a quarter of the way done with this school year? Where did it go? Our middle school students are preparing to talk to their parents about all of our various activities: the ones we like, the ones we don’t like, those that cause us joy or that we struggle with.

Above, we see students engaged in learning about magnetism, polarity, and how it relates to the earth around us. We linked our study of static electricity to how magnets behave. Bar magnets, iron filings, and compass needles are important tools, but also a lot of fun.

MSBG Middle School is now a civil engineering think-tank. Operation Fire Pit is well underway, planning for a potential new addition to our back yard. This structure will be designed by the students, following all city and school guidelines for safety. The students organized themselves into a planning committee, led by a Civil Engineer, including a Treasurer, Ambassador, Director of Acquisitions, Secretary, and a Design Team consisting of 2 individuals. Look forward to what they come up with!

Our history lessons are taking us into the meat of the American Revolution and the War for Independence. We are hip-deep into discovering the nuances of the Declaration of Independence and what all of this “independence” talk meant for the people of the Colonies.

There is also a pretty constant connection of all of these elements to our lives right now. It is always a lively conversation.