October 23, 2020, Lower North

Fall is here. With the weather change and the attempt to get the students outside as much as possible, please check the weather every morning before school.  In the past years, families have found it helpful to keep a pair of waterproof boots at school throughout the week for recess and P.E. We will go outside in a light sprinkle, so if your child has an umbrella or raincoat for the day that would also be helpful to keep them dry.

In the classroom we have moved on in Zoology to the next group of vertebrates. We are now studying amphibians. While we continue to enjoy Roman Numerals in history, we have begun to explore and study the parts of a flag for geography.
In our language area we have added the article to our grammar work. The students have learned that there are 3 words we call articles; a, an and the. The word study shelf introduced syllables in words. We introduce this unit by clapping out the syllables in familiar words like our names and objects around us.
We look forward to meeting with you and discussing all that your child has done so far this year. Look for your individual conference time in the upcoming week.
Have a great weekend.