October 2, 2020, Upper West

We had a busy week in upper west as we wrapped up the last week of September. The students have been having two math lessons per week, one on Mondays and a second on Wednesdays, with follow-up and independent work to do on the other days. Most of the review is over by now, which means there are all kinds of new lessons and materials for everyone to engage with.

Geometry is organized by grade level. The 4th-years have been working on lines and angles; the 5th years have been studying advanced equivalences, which make the child conscious of the reason
why the figures they know are equivalent; and the 6th-years have been working on finding the area of different shapes.

For language, we have three writing workshops per week, with personal narratives being the first genre of study. The students have been busy writing their seed ideas and turning one into a longer piece to take through the full writing cycle. We’ve also been busy with grammar lessons and reading workshop.

Have a great weekend.

Timeline of Humans

Montessori Checkerboard Multiplication