October 2, 2020, Upper East

Last Thursday we got our first biology lesson of the year, and we also had a peace lesson. Apparently it is also Hispanic Heritage Month, so at the end of the day we have been learning about some Spanish speaking countries, and we have seen some food and some people from the countries. We also saw the statues from Easter Island which are really cool.It is by Chile. We have also seen some different dances that are really interesting. On Tuesday, we had another collaborative science lesson. Two groups had sloped sand and clay mixtures and one group had a regular sand and clay mixture. We timed them and the groups with the sloped sand went much faster, for follow-up we had to draw the maps. For art, we finished up the projects of the month. The category was lines. Then we chose what project we wanted to put out in the hallway. The picture is of us enjoying P.E. outside.