October 2, 2020, Lower North

To enhance our curriculum in the classroom, our students have Spanish, Music, Art and Physical Education weekly.  Spanish, Music and Art are all taking place in the classroom, and P.E. is outdoors, weather permitting, or in the Oberheu Room.  The Special Teachers block off an hour for each of the classrooms.

Senora Clementina Whitaker is our Spanish teacher.  She meets with the students by level.  She reviews past lessons and introduces new material at each lesson.  During the lesson she incorporates movement and writing.  She has been teaching greetings, colors and verbs this past month.
Miss Jennifer Blakeman is our Music teacher.  She meets with the students in a whole group.  She has been using our space well and the group is adjusting.  The students have been using imitation and exploration to build their music skills.
Mr. Tim Fralick is our Physical Education teacher.  We have been very lucky with the weather. He has been outdoors teaching soccer skills.  He uses the large east field for the students to practice these skills and it gives them plenty of room for social distance.
Miss Sam Brigode is our Art Teacher.  She brings all the materials needed into the classroom and helps the students organize their space to do art.  She has been teaching line types this month with a focus on straight, curvy, thin, thick, vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines. The students have used different art materials to play with the different line types and line symmetry.
We are grateful to all these wonderful teachers for enhancing our curriculum!