October 2, 2020, EC East



Early Childhood continues to explore colors; adding secondary color work to the art shelf. The red rods were introduced this week; another visual discrimination work about long and short.  We enjoyed lessons on tweezing sunflower seeds as well!

The East classroom worked on table scrubbing, a large motor, multi-step practical life work involving care of the environment. Floor sweeping was also demonstrated. Students also had lessons on cutting paper, pin-punching, and the Geometric solids. In math, the sets basket was added to the shelf to sort out and find sets of objects 1-10.
The West classroom introduced the metal insets in hand-writing and stringing work in Practical Life. In Sensorial the monomial cube and blue constructive triangles were added to the shelf. Students continued to move their bodies through the practice of yoga! Meddy Teddy yoga was also brought out! The west classroom started handwriting this week as well at the Easel or in a folder.